Main Features of Maths Train

Concepts, understanding & fluency

Children love boarding the Maths Train. They gain confidence through simple online activities, designed to develop both mental maths understanding and recall skills. Using ‘show me’ and matching games, they develop their understanding of calculation methods and the contexts in which they are used, before completing assessment tasks.

Assessment for Learning

The assessments are designed to check for errors and then build recall speed. This is achieved through pupil feedback comments, giving suggestions as to which number facts they need to focus on next, allowing the teacher to see these as well.

Tracking Progress

What also makes Maths Train different is that targets, achievements and progress are recorded and available instantly to the teacher, and the range of feedback provided allows staff to target further support or intervention as needed. Why not watch a video or contact us to get on board with a free trial today.
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Pupil see achievements as symbols
Achieved, Mastered, Target

Key Features

For Pupil:

  • Confidence and understanding gained through ‘Show Me’ & ‘Matching’ games.
  • Simple Click or Drag and Drop activities.
  • Pupils are guided to the next appropriate activity.
  • Pupil assessments give immediate feedback as to how to improve.


For Teachers:

  • Progress tracked, showing pupil¬†achievement in real time.
  • Recent activity logged showing date and score.
  • Current pupil targets easily accessible on one class page.
  • All reports printable on A4 if required.


In General:

  • Anywhere with an internet connection, school or home.
  • Use any device – Desktop, Laptop, Chromebook, iPad/Tablet, Mobile etc.
  • No need for Apps or Adobe Flash – uses standard HTML.
  • Quickly add or change single pupils with simple management tools.
  • Easy bulk import from a csv file, or for updating classes.

See our FAQs for more details.

For a free 30-day trial please email info@maths-train.com