Frequently Asked Questions

What devices will Maths-Train run on?desktop-tablet-hi

Maths-train has been tested on a variety of devices including iPad, iPod, Android and Windows. It is HTML5 based, and therefore should be device independent. It should also resize to different screen sizes. It has been tested on a range of browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Please let us know if you spot any bugs.

Do contact us if you have any issues.

How does Maths-Train help pupils track their own progress?

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Target: a target still to be completed.
Standard: good, however you can do more!
Mastered: you are an expert at this.


Maths-Train uses a simple system of symbols to show whether a pupil has achieved or mastered the challenge, or if it still remains as a target. Their actual high scores are not shown on the train, as the aim is for them to master the skills, not to compete against their friends. Teachers can see the actual scores achieved.

How does Maths-Train help teachers track pupils?

Monitor pupil progress

Monitor pupil progress

Schools subscribing to Maths-train receive a second ‘teacher’ login, which allows staff to see a range of numerical data for their classes, as well as when they last accessed the site. Information in this area is live, and refreshing the page will show the latest results as the class complete activities. As well as high scores, Maths Train stores targets for accuracy and speed, and will show when an assessment was mastered.

It should be noted that high scores are device dependant as it is sometimes easier to use a touch device or keyboard than a mouse to complete the tasks. The scores will however give a good indication as to whether a pupil is able to meet the challenge or not.


How easy is it to add new pupils?

Pupil List allows editing details

Pupil List allows editing details

Schools are also able to use the staff login area to add new pupils, delete or edit existing pupils.

There is also a process for bulk administration for setting up new classes for the beginning of the academic year. (CSV export and import)

Is my information safe?

Maths Train data is stored on a secure server within the EU zone. Only data necessary for you to track your pupils easily is collected and this is not shared with any other organisation. Some schools chose to rename classes and use codes for pupils rather than first of last names.

Who are the people behind Maths Train?

We are a couple from North London, currently working in schools as a teacher and intervention group leader. We both have recent DRB checks for our professional role.




Drag the answer to the correct location

Drag the answer to the correct location

At present the site has been designed to support schools working towards times table tests for KS2 in the UK; however the longer term aim is to support pupils to gain greater understanding and fluency in a range of mental mathematics.

Expect more games to be added covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages etc.